Star Trek

I saw Star Trek last night and it wasn’t good. It was ‘kin awesome!

There are plenty of references to the original series to keep the fans happy. (And I’m one of them!) I enjoyed seeing the lead actors imitate the characteristics of the original crew. The casting was great, btw. Moreover, the film has a good story line, specially the way the found to put old Spock in the plot. (Leonard Nimoy deserved it!) The film also has plenty of humour, non-stop fast action, fantastic special effects, great acting from all the main “crew”.

I have never enjoyed The New Generation and all the generations that came after it, I’ve always been a fan of the original one though. So probably that’s why I enjoyed this film much more than I expected. J. J. Abrams is Da Man!

Star Trek is definitely back! Hopefully we can expect more films to come!

Live long, and prosper.