Holidays Balance

Since my father moved to João Pessoa 4 years ago, this was my best holidays there! Not because one or another thing happened, but because of the mix of different things and experiences such as (not in a particular order):

  • I had tennis classes almost every single day;
  • I went to 4 new restaurants;
  • Visited 3 idyllic beaches;
  • Met a few celebrities;
  • Flerted with a girl, made out with another one and fucked other two;
  • I drove three imported cars;
  • Made a bus trip from Recife to João Pessoa, which made me think I was in an American film set in Mexico or any other Latin country, because of all the cliches I thought only existed in American Films! LOL;
  • Went to see ‘Marley & Me’ in the movies and cried like a sissy at the end;
  • Gained around 5 pounds;
  • Established a great relationship with my little brothers;
  • Can’t wait any longer for my next holidays! I hope it can be at least as good as this one. Pitty it’s over!

    Now I have to face reality and it sucks!