How to use Apple Mail with Gmail

It’s been ages since I last used a mail client. To tell you the truth I don’t even remember the last time I did. I have a vague idea of having used Eudora centuries ago and then using Outlook for a while and giving up because it was too complicated and somehow yahoo webmail seemed perfect. Then came Google and Gmail and the webmail world became a perfect world with it. But then there has always been the need to read a message you had received when you’re not connected, or the need to write emails in advance so that when you connect to the net, the emails are sent automatically and you saved some precious time. Recently I’ve had this need increased a lot because of work and decided that a mail client was desperately needed.

I’m a Mac user for almost a year now. And all Mac apps are known for being extremely easy to use. So I decided to give Apple Mail a try. And God, how not easy it was! Actually it is pretty easy, but only when you figure out that you should not follow all of Google’s set up instructions. Yeah, I’ll repeat: You should not use follow all of Google’s set up instructions for proper sync of Apple Mail 3.0 with Gmail IMAC servers. What should you do? I’ll explain you below:

So, do follow google’s instructions found here. But, do NOT follow the instructions on item 10.Check our recommended client settings, and adjust your client’s settings as needed. Again, do not follow this instruction! Apple Mail won’t understand it, and synch won’t work properly making your Gmail labels a mess!!! Now it’s time to the following:

After completing the IMAP setup steps for Apple Mail, instructing Mail is a few simple clicks away. Once your Gmail IMAP account is added to Mail, you’ll notice your [Gmail account] in the left sidebar.

  1. Highlight ‘[Gmail] Sent Mail’ in the sidebar and select ‘Mailbox’ (menu bar) > ‘Use This Mailbox For’ > ‘Sent’.
  2. Highlight ‘[Gmail] Drafts’ in the sidebar and select ‘Mailbox’ (menu bar) > ‘Use This Mailbox For’ > ‘Drafts’
  3. Highlight ‘[Gmail] Trash’ in the sidebar and select ‘Mailbox’ (menu bar) > ‘Use This Mailbox For’ > ‘Trash’
  4. Highlight ‘[Gmail] Spam’ in the sidebar and select ‘Mailbox’ (menu bar) > ‘Use This Mailbox For’ > ‘Junk’

And that’s it. I hope to have helped you!

Be seeing you…