Wow! It’s been two months since my last post! Doesn’t seem that long, though.

Life’s ok, nothing more than that. Nothing much going on besides work, which means no social life at all. I’ve been working more lately, therefore making a little bit more money, which is good. But the more we earn, the more we spend. It’s strange, I know. People have said this to me before and I never really quite understood. Now I do. And credit cards are a great villain in this department, aren’t they?

What else happened during this past two months? Well here’s a list of what I feel like talking about:

  • Michael Jackson’s death: Well, I was a huge fan when I was a kid. I even had a birthday party with him as the theme. I remember having a dance contest to see who danced like him the best. I won of course! (well, it was my birthday party! I’m pretty sure my parents had arranged that!). Having said that, I also have to say that I think he started to suck, musically speaking, when he entered the 90s. Dangerous was a good album, but nothing compared to Thriller or Bad. And after Dangerous, none of his work were good enough, not to say rather bad! Full of electronic shit sounds, little screams here and there, it seemed he was speaking instead of singing. Anyway, last week I downloaded his full discography and I was quite surprised (in a good way) to discover his solo work before Thriller. I had no idea I have ignored that my whole life! Unbelievable! Off the Wall and Got to be There are a masterpiece! MJ was indeed a very talented man, and the world of music now has lost one of its biggest stars. I can’t see anyone in the near future able to substitute him.
  • Manaus: In 5 days I went from total excitement to total disappointment. I really thought I was finally going to know the city where I was born 30 years ago. Well, not this time. I could write a lot about that in here, but I won’t. It’s not worthy.
  • Movies: I kind of stopped going to the cinema because I somehow watch every single movie on the computer. And by the time they arrive in theatres here, I’ve already watched them. In the past couple of months I watched several movies, but the ones I really recommend are: Sunshine Cleaning, The Soloist, An American Affair and Adventureland
  • Football: Every weekend my team disappoints me by playing poorly and with no passion at all. Every time I say to myself: I’m done with this shit! And then, in the next week I see myself watching it on TV, and when it’s not on TV I keep checking the scores online. Can’t really understand this.
  • Swine Flu: I’m not really afraid of it, but I do know someone who was killed by it. She wasn’t a friend or a colleague, just someone I knew.

Last but not least, I met this girl online. She lives in the northeast of Brazil in the same city where my father lives. She’s nice, cute, intelligent and I really enjoy talking to her. It’s strange because sometimes she makes me feel like a teenager! I don’t actually know what’s happening between us, but what I know is that I’d like to be with her right now. Having a nice conversation in a nice place (restaurant maybe), maybe kissing, who knows? I wonder if she feels the same about me. I think so, although I’m sure she would say: “I don’t know” hehe (yeah, that was a little joke for you, in case you read this)