I never learn

I feel like the most stupid man on Earth. In less than 48 hours she did the same thing she had done 7 months ago. The same thing that made me decide to stop talking to her. What should I do now? Spend more 7 months without speaking to her again? or simply ignore? nah, I can’t ignore it, sorry!

The thing is I know that she doesn’t do on purpose, but it hurts the same. She thinks that her acts don’t have consequences. But they do have! BIG consequences! It’s if like she didn’t care at all… She wasn’t even capable of calling me to say “I’m sorry”. She knows she is wrong, she knows she hurt me and now she won’t call me. She’s too embarrassed for not being able to do things correctly.

I honestly would like to understand what goes on her mind. Probably, instead of being hurt and feeling shit, I would try to help her. Yeah, that would be nice, but won’t happen. I know her, she’s like me: stubborn as a mule!

She’s in town

Yesterday I found out that my sister was in town, and this news hit me strongly. I started to think how long she had been in town, why the hell she hadn’t call me, even knowing the fact that we stopped talking to each other 7 months ago. I thought: “Doesn’t she want to end our silly fight? Doesn’t she care about me at all?” This news was enough to ruin my good just ok saturday. When I woke up today I was still sad, depressed and not in a good mood. And I spent the whole morning trying to focus my mind in something else, with no success. Then I had the idea to play some songs on the bass guitar, it helps to relax.

Suddenly the phone rang, it was her. And it was like we haven’t stopped talking at all. It was like this 7 months never existed. So we went out, we talked, we ate a lot, we took silly pictures, we laughed together. She’s going back to her hometown next Sunday, so we have a week to enjoy together. I’m sure it will be fun.

I’m happy! 🙂