What was supposed to be a nice simple day: meeting a great friend from São Paulo, having lunch together and watching a gig at night (for free), turned out to be an amazing day to break the same boring routine .

Since my friend Ju was working for the production of the Queensryche show, she invited me to hang out with her into the backstage, and after one hour doing so, the production team realized they were short on staff, so I volunteered to assist them. Long story short, I ended up working as a roadie for Queensryche, being responsible for helping with the stage set up and simultaneous translating. During the whole gig I stayed at the lighthouse giving instructions for the spotlight guys (who were Brazilian), such as when they should turn on and off the lights, which band members should be spotted during different parts of the gig and stuff like that. And it was really exciting! The whole experience was unique, watching every single details of what happens in the background of a big band, undersanding how things work, talking to band members, tour manager, roadies etc…

As for the gig itself, it was very, very good! I was quite impressed by the band, and mostly by Geoff Tate! The guy is an amazing singer, what a voice! I’ll from now on pay more attention to their studio work, maybe buy some albums, listen to them more carefully and hopefully become a new fan.  Another curious fact is how the band members behave on stage. It’s if they were totally different people, with different attitudes, trying to pass an image of rock stars, when they are in fact really normal people (like you and me), who talk about silly and serious stuff, call their families every hour to check if they’re good, make funny voices on the mobile for their children to hear, browse the net in order to look at the latest sports results, drink tea, wear reading glasses, and many more things.

Anyway, this amazing happening made me update my useless facts list, take a look!