Expect the unexpected

Not always the best team win and you can always expect the unexpected, that’s why Football is so exciting and is the most appreciated sport in the world. Holland has just been eliminated by Russia, who played a lot better and deserved it. Holland was the only team which had a 100% efficiency and was clearly the best team in the cup so far. Apparently this wasn’t enough and Russia totally annulled the Dutch team.

Portugal is also out, even though they played better than Germany. The German efficiency beat Portugal offensive style, which was beautiful to watch. Tomorrow we have another similar game from the two already mentioned here. Spain that plays beautifully against Italy, who isn’t ashamed at all of playing ugly defensive football. And if I had to bet, I’d put my money on Italy. For the good of football, I hope I’m wrong!


Well, my blood test results have arrived and guess what? I’m not so healthy at all. My level of total cholesterol is far from being satisfactory. The HDL (good cholesterol) rate is below the normal and the LDL (bad cholesterol) is way higher than the normal. Well, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m far from being open-minded about trying new food, so going on a special diet is not welcome. Can I increase the amount of things I eat that supposedly are good to transform LDL onto HDL? I guess so, and that’s what I think I’m going to do at first, besides that enrolling myself in a health club is second on the list (if my budget allows, of course).

Anyway, and the Eurocup, huh? Have you seen Holland playing? They’ve been playing in a very top level and it’s very amusing to watch them. The beat the World Champion (Italy) by 3-0 and three days later the beat the vice-world champion (France) by 4-1. Do I smell championship here? Well, I guess so. If the football Gods allow, we shall see a final between Holland and Portugal. How amazing would that be, huh?

Well, let me get back to my cup of vanilla tea. Fancy some?


So, the Eurocup started yesterday and so far there hasn’t been any surprises. All the favorites have won! Anyway, you gotta love the Eurocup, it’s like the World Cup without Brazil and Argentina, and of course the Africans and Asian teams, but let’s be honest, they have never had a chance of winning and will never have, well, at least not in a near future.

I’m 100% for Portugal this cup and you? Portugal has a good team, a Brazilian coach (my favorite coach), and plays an offensive football since I’m not very keen on defensive football style. And you, who are you supporting?

Oh, and to change the subject a little bit, I’ve just come back from the cinema where I went to see Sex and the City – The film. Totally recommended! Had some good laughs while watching it.