São Paulo – Day three

Sunday, March 2nd 2008

After having slept only 6 hours in the previous 48 hours I finally managed to get some pretty decent sleeping. I woke up at midday (a 7 hour sleep considering the fact that I went to bed at 5 a.m.).

It was the BIG day and I decided not to go out and stay at home resting the whole afternoon. I watched some TV, browsed the internet and ate the left overs from the previous day.

Alexandre dropped by at the apartment with his girlfriend and went straight to Palestra Itália (Palmeiras Stadium), where he was supposed to pick his special pass for the gig. I decided to stay at the apartment for a little bit more, charging my batteries for the evening. After a while, my two friends from Rio also came to the flat and then we left. First stop was at a bakery to have something to eat and then straight to the stadium. Iron Maiden was about to rock São Paulo in a couple of hours.

The show was AMAZING, I have no words to describe it and that’s why I won’t do it, I won’t succeed. Try to read this post and maybe you will have an idea of what I felt during the whole gig.

After the gig, we all (except for Marise) gathered at the apartment where I was staying, which was only a 10 minutes walk from the stadium. Once everybody was there we left to Chico Hamburger, a traditional and very yummy bar in SP. We left the bar around 1 a.m. because the guys had to work the next morning. But I didn’t! I was on a certain kind of mini holidays, so I went back to the flat in order to get some sleep and prepare myself for the following (and last) day in SP.