Pasta al Funghi Secchi

Pasta is probably my favourite food along side beef. And pasta al funghi secchi is one of my favourite pasta dishes. In my 30 years of life I’ve eaten many different ways of doing the funghi secchi sauce at many different restaurants. As you may have noticed (if you follow this blog) I’m a pretty good cook and I do like to have a little adventure in the kitchen every now and then. So, yesterday I tried to imagine all the pastas I’ve had with funghi secchi before, in order to try to reproduce what I would call THE perfect pasta al funghi secchi. And well, I think I got it! It wasn’t difficult at all. Now, I’ll simply teach you how to prepare it, so you can cook it for yourself, for your guests, for the one you love, for whoever you want to.

Bear in mind that when I cook, I measure things with my own eyes (it’s a gift I was born with , sorry!). So, sorry for not giving you the exact quantity of the ingredients. They will vary according to the number of people you’re cooking for.

What you have to do is: First of all: hydrate your funghis! Then Boil the water to prepare the pasta. There’s no specific shape of pasta to use here. I’d suggest Tagliatelle or Fettucine, but whatever you choose it’s more than ok. Start cooking the pasta, look for the time of cooking in the package and cook for 1 min less (you’ll understand why later). In another pan you’ll put some extra virgin olive oil with a bit of very well chopped onion (the red onions taste better, fyi). Just fry it for 1-2 min, then add one hand of funghi secchi, fry for 1-2 min more (are you feeling the aroma? niiiice isn’t it?). Now it’s time to add half a glass of white wine and let it reduce. At this time you pasta should be ready. Dry it and immediately add it into the pan with the funghis. Mix it well, so the wine and sauce can penetrate into the pasta, keep mixing until the wine is almost reduced (see why you cooked the pasta for less minutes?). When you feel the texture of the sauce is good, remove it from the oven and add one table spoon (or so) of butter to it and mix well. Put it in you plate while it’s hot, season with black pepper and add parmesan cheese while it’s hot, so it can melt a little bit. And that’s it! Very easy, isn’t it? No big secret at all! A very tasty dish is 20 minutes or so.

It should look like this:

fettucine al funghi

Enjoy it!