São Paulo – Day one

Friday, September 29th 2008

I was waiting for my friend Renato Tribuzy to call me so we could go to the bus station together. As we arrived there we bought the tickets for the 12:40 a.m. bus on Friday and we went straight to the waiting room and wait for the bus while chatting and drinking. That’s when he warned me that he doesn’t usually sleep on the bus and he would probably spend the whole 6 hours trip talking. Once in the bus we kept talking for a while (30 minutes or a bit more), and then there was some silence. I turned my head to the left and there he was, sleeping as a baby! I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, and that’s not usual because whenever I go to São Paulo, I go pretty much at the same time and I sleep well and only wake up when the bus gets to SP. Anyway, I suddenly felt asleep but some minutes later the bus made a stop at the state border (so people could rest their legs, eat or drink some stuff) and I woke up again. When the bus resumed the trip I, once again, had trouble getting back to sleep. By the time I managed to sleep it started to rain heavily and I woke up with the loud noise. Then I stayed awake till we arrive in SP. i must have slept for 2 hours during the whole trip! Arriving at the bus stop we had some coffee and made a stop in a newsstand to buy the paper. Renato was going to stay at a friend’s house and I was going to stay at my friend Alexandre flat. So we took the underground (blue line, and then green line) to where Renato was supposed to meet his friend and I was going with them because I was offered a ride and couldn’t say no! hehe

Anyway, we arrived where I was going to stay and I said good-bye. It was time to meet my good friend Alexandre and I was bit late since he had to go to work. He showed me the flat, showed me the surroundings from the balcony and that’s pretty much it. He was off to work! Then I thought: I need food! So, I went to the nearest supermarket and bought lots of good/expensive stuff. Gotta love the supermarkets in SP, they have everything you can imagine!). Back at the apartment I put the things in the fridge and called my other friend Juliana. She invited me to go to her place. So, there I was after a couple of hours (that’s what it took to walk to the underground station, getting lost, find the way again, taking the underground and then taking the bus), we caught up for a while (it had been like 2 years since I last saw her) and I met her lovely dog called Kika! So cute! hehehe Spend a couple of hours there and then decided to go back to the flat to have a shower, change clothes because Alexandre, Juliana and I were going to Marise’s (a friend of ours) house at night for a pizza.

The thing is that on my way back home the bus went through Paulista Avenue. Come on, Paulista Avenue! I couldn’t resist, so I got off the bus and went for a loooong walk along and surrounding it (including Oscar Freire street). It was already getting late and I was so near Marise’s house that I thought: hmmm, I guess I’ll straight to her house from here. And then I thought again: No! I think Alexandre is going to pass by the apartment to pick me up, and I think I need a shower! So, back at the apartment (on the other side of the city) I did everything I was supposed to do and then I waited. I waited for Alexandre to drop by. It was getting late and no sign of him at all. Well, I phoned him and guess what? He was already at Marise’s house. Actually everybody was already there and they were waiting for me!! At that moment I thought: Bloody hell! Why did I come back home? I should have gone straight to her house! And now it’s raining!! Oh no!!! Anyway, 40 minutes later I was there, we ate, drank, watched a dvd and talked for a long time. I had lots of fun! It had been 2 years since the whole gang was all together. At around 2 a.m. we left and Alexandre gave me a ride back home. It was time to go to bed because Saturday was going o be a busy day!