80s or 90s?

A few days ago I was chatting with a friend of mine on msn and she was playing some songs for me. She wondered if I remembered any of those tunes. Apparently they were all hits during the 90s. Well, I didn’t believe I had ever heard them before, and thanks God, because they all sounded fucking terrible! Well, she was quite amazed by the fact I couldn’t recognize any of the songs (she played 5 or 6) and asked me the following question: “Where were you during the whole 90s?” Well, I told her: “Still lost somewhere around the 80s!”

Really, what did the 90s offer us? Can’t think of many things, can you? If so, let me know… As fot the 80s, well, we had neon lights, we had the pop music (MJ, Billy Idol, A-Ha, Europe, and many others), rock (Ozzy, Dio…), metal (early Metallica, Maiden, Hellowen…), we had Miami Vice and The A-Team on TV! Oh, we also had “V”, MacGyver and The Knight Rider! Honestly, do you really think the 90s were better? No fucking way!