Second Date (continued)

Second attempt of having a second dated failed yesterday. On Tuesday morning I started to chat with her on MSN and after a few minutes invitded her out by saying that I was thinking about going to the theater and would like her to go with me. And that’s when she didn’t reply anything… I spent the next couple of hours totally disappointed but by the end of the day I was already a bit better. I had convinced myself that she really didn’t want anything with me. So I decided to give her some time, that I wouldn’t be forcing any more moves for a while, and I was even considering not speaking to her for a while too… Well, yesterday she was there, online my MSN list. I stuck to my decision and didn’t start a conversation. But she did! She started to talk to me, and said she was sorry for not replying me the day before. So we chatted a little bit more about work and stuff, and then I said that I had invited her to go out and she never replied… That’s when she said she’s not in a good moment and that she wouldn’t be a good companion for me and she also said that when she has the opportunity she will explain it to me. Well, smells like past realtionships to me. What do you think? Maybe she’s still emotionally attached to an ex. Or she likes someone that doesn’t care abut her. Who knows? I’ll wait for my next move. Even though I’m not sure what and when my next move will be. Anyway, what I know is that it’s pretty clear that she already knows what I want. Maybe, she’s the one who has to make the next move? Bloddy hell! Why does it have to be so complicated?