Why so serious?

I Finally saw ‘The Dark Knight’ tonight and I have only one word to describe it: WOW! Definitely the best Batman movie of all. Well, let’s cut the crap and go straight to the point, shall we? Everybody now is speaking about Heath Ledger and his role as ‘The Joker’. Let’s be honest here. I love Jack Nicholson. Everyone does, don’t you? But Ledger’s performance was PERFECT. Well, maybe we can’t compare their performances, because they created different kind of ‘Jokers’, both from different generations, but as their performances go, I’d say they both did very well. Ledger’s character was dark and psychotic, whereas Nicholson was meant to be more of a playful character who was more likely to crack a joke. Heat certainly did one thing correctly: he didn’t make the mistake in trying to copy Jack Nicholson. (more…)