The Most Amazing Sensation

When I was a little kid my father took me to Maracanã a few times. These visits to the football stadium weren’t very frequent since he lived in a different state and used to visit me once or twice a year. Sometimes the football schedules didn’t match the days he was here, so going to Maracanã was something I used to do once a year, or even once every two years. It was a rare thing to do, but I enjoyed it and have great memories from those days.

As I grew up, I never wanted to go to the stadium by myself. First because of the violence in the stadium (and surroundings), and second because going to Maracanã was something to do with my father, and not alone.

After not going there for a long time, I remember a few years ago when my brother came to town to watch the final game of the Brazilian Cup. I went with him, of course. It was like the bond was intact, I was there with my brother, who somehow, was representing my father. We lost that final game and therefore we lost the Cup. Since that day I hadn’t been Maracanã until four weeks ago.

It has been a very difficult championship, in which we were in the relegation zone and somehow managed to climb to third place (only 1 point behind the 2nd place) with one game left to the end of the championship. We can’t be champions anymore, but we assured our place in the Libertadores Cup (the equivalent to Champions League in South America).

In the past four weeks there were 3 home games, and I went to all of them with some friends of mine. The 1st game of those 3 was a tie, and we won the last two. Game number 2 was an attendants record of almost 90 thousand people. I can’t describe the sensation of being one of those people. To feel the heat of the crowd, to scream, to sing, to curse players, to jump around, to hug the person next to you when your team score a goal, to have beer thrown at you from someone a few rows behind you, and many, many other things make those 2 hours, THE perfect 2 hours!

I have rediscovered a passion and I will enjoy every minute of it! Once Flamengo, ever Flamengo!

Here are some photos I took at last night’s game, as well as a video which I uploaded to my youtube account.

P1000083 P1000108 P1000087 P1000124 P1000086 (more videos in my account)