Champions League

I had been anxious for a few days about the Champions League final. If I had bet, I’d have bet on Manchester United. Not only because they’re English but because I thought they were better. And even though they lost the match today, I still think they’re better than Barcelona (as a team, of course).

My opinion is that Alex Ferguson screwed up. Rooney is a striker, therefore he should play inside the area, and not through the sides as he played today. Ryan Giggs also played in the wrong position! Giggs in the middle? Come one! He’s the one who should be playing through the sides. And what’s more, he’s 35! He can’t run as he used to, so he’s better coming off the bench at 25-30 minutes of the second half. So Sir Ferguson should have started with Scholes, Berbatov or even Tevez.

Actually, Ferguson screwed up twice! He crewed up starting Giggs and then he screwed up again at half time when he didn’t understand (or refused to admit he had made a mistake) what was happening with his team and took Anderson off the game.

What does Barcelona have to do with it? Nothing! They played very well and they do deserve the victory. Congratulations!