Manaus – Day 2

We woke up extremely early (thanks to the time zone) and so we went to have breakfast at the hotel. Gotta love hotel breakfasts! And this one is amazing, I ate like a pig! (just one quick note: the guarana juice is great!) After breakfast we decided to go downtown, the old part of the city where we were supposed to see the Amazonas Theater, the old customs building, the cathedral, the municipal market, the floating docks and anything else we could get to know on the way to these places.

The Amazonas Theater was our first stop, and what a magnificent place it is! It was built in the 1870s and all the pieces were brought from Europe, even the wood, which was extract here, taken to Europe for special treatment and then brought back in order to be used in the construction. After that we decided to go down the main road by foot! Big, big mistake when you’re traveling with children! After a few blocks down the road they were already complaining and screaming and crying, and wanted all the toys they were seeing in the shop windows! We only had time to see the cathedral and than we had to take the nearest taxi to go back to the hotel. And that was it, our downtown walk was totally spoilt.

Arriving at the hotel we went straight to the swimming pool so that the children could chill out and we could relax. After that it was lunch time and (again) the food was exotic, and (again) I ate pasta! Pasta is always a safe choice!

After lunch the children slept a little bit, I came back to my room, did some work, then did some walking around the hotel until it was time to go out again. We went to this really new mall that was opened a few months before and everybody had suggested it. I’s called Manauara Shopping Center and let me tell you one thing,I know a lot of malls in the main cities of Brazil and some in Europe, but this one is the nicest mall I have ever been to! It’s beautiful, elegant, really nice shops and everything! After getting to know it, we had dinner there and then back to the hotel.

And that was the end of our second day.