Can you hear me Major Tom? Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow!

I’m going through this big Bowie phase at the moment, which means I’m depressed. Whenever I’m on a ‘phase’ it’s because I’m depressed. The ‘phase’ is usually a Skunkworks phase (see old posts for reference), and for no specific reason it has changed this time. Not that it hadn’t changed before. It once was a Beatles phase, a McCartney phase and a few others. Anyway, I’ve burned a cd with 5 Bowie songs: Space Oddity, Life on Mars?, All the Young Dudes, Starman and Ziggy Stardust. This cd has been playing in my car stereo on repeat mode for 2 weeks now and the more I listen, the more into it a become. Space Oddity is a truly masterpiece. The harmony, the melody, the lyrics, they interact in a magical way. It’s like if you were on a trip. Bowie must have been under the influence of heavy drugs when he wrote it, there’s no other explanation for such thing. As for Life on Mars?, can anybody explain to me that bloody lyrics? They don’t make any sense! “Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow” Wtf???

Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out why Bowie this time. Don’t even know if there’s an explanation, sometimes things are what they are and that’s it. I wish I could understand myself a bit better, you know? I seem rather mysterious.