I used to wear glasses many years ago because of astigmatism, but it somehow got corrected and I stopped wearing them. I do also have myopia, but it’s not strong enough to make me wear glasses. For the past few days I’ve been thinking going to the doctor’s office, not because I think I need glasses again, but for no bloody reason at all, I’ve been thinking a lot about buying a trendy, cool eyeglasses in order to just change my looks. How crazy is that? Sometimes I have these crazy ideas which I simply can’t explain. Crazy me!

Anyway, it’s Sunday evening and I haven’t done much for the day. Went shopping in the morning to buy some food, then came back home and didn’t feel like going to the gym. Bummer! Then went out to have lunch with my oldest uncle in a nice (just) ok restaurant, came back home and since then I have been dividing my time between watching football on TV (lousy matches!) and being in front of my macbook. As you may have noticed, I’ve been playing with the blog’s design. I really loved the ex design, but I felt it didn’t feel like a blog. So, I’ve been trying to get that back with this new design. It still looks a bit dodgy and all, and it will look like this for the next few days, until I come up with some small ideas for it. Not sure when exactly it will be ready, coz I’ve been pretty busy with work and stuff lately, but hopefully it won’t take long.