Putting my life back on track

Well, the title of this post might be wrong because I believe my life is indeed on track. Maybe, what I’m trying to say is that I want to ensure it will stay on this track for a very long time, and of course, try to be a more qualified professional.

I’ve made a tough decision: After having huge arguments with my family, disappointing some people, spending more money than I could afford, spending hours in long queues and after a lot of bureaucracy, I’m back in college. But no, I won’t resume my previous studies (engineering), I’ll study letters (Portuguese and English languages and literature). Pretty different, right? Kind of scary, I should say… But it actually is not! I’ve been in the teaching business for quite a long time now, enough time to know that this is what I like doing. Moreover, I’ve always been fascinated by english civilization and culture, which is one of the disciplines on the letters course curriculum.

What is funny is that when I was looking for some needed documents for my college enrollment, I found my high school history. Analyzing it for a couple of minutes I realized that I’ve always sucked in maths, physics and chemistry. And I was quite good in portuguese, really good in english and only average in literature. So, why the hell I chose engineering back in those days? Go figure… Teenagers make mistakes, don’t they?

Do I regret studying engineering? Do I consider it a waste of my precious years? No way! I just think it was a part of my growing up process. I gained life experience going through lots of problems during my life, and my first years of college were part of this problems. My life taught me a lot, maybe much more than I’d learn in college. But still, I think I have a gap to fill. This gap is college, and I’m willing to fill it. Do you know what I regret? I regret not having made this decision earlier!