Crazy Days

The past few days were crazy! It rained heavily for more than 48 hours non stop and the city suffered the consequences. Streets had to be closed due to floods or structural damage, fact that caused the traffic to stop and it took me around one hour and a half to go to the south zone of the city (which normally takes me 25min), and then the same one hour and a half to go back home. I faced this for four straight days. Then you might be asking yourselves: ‘why?’ Well, the explanation is very simple: my father was in town with my baby brothers and so I had to be with them everyday, take the kids out to have fun, eat out and stuff like that… I could barely sleep, when I managed to put my head on my pillow, the rain noise (which was very loud) wouldn’t allow me to relax and finally sleep. Now the kids are gone, and so is the rain. I wish my sleepiness was also gone too, but it isn’t. I guess I’ll sleep pretty early today and wake up only God knows what time tomorrow.

As for the kids, I loved seeing them. They’re not babies anymore! They walk, run around, they speak everything and they also understand everything you say to them. They’re so smart, and cute, and so… , well I could spend the whole evening adding nice adjectives to the list! hehe I already miss them, but I’ll be there at their hometown in December for Christmas. I can hardly wait!

Yeah well, my Mexican soap opera is also killing me… I thought I was finally being over her, when she out of the blue called me one night and told me something that made me realize I wasn’t over her at all. She makes me so confused, you know what I mean? I wish I was a mind reader….