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I really hope the explanation about the lost numbers given to us by the lost writers in the last episode, The Substitute, is not the final explanation. It can’t be something like “Jacob has a thing for numbers…” It seems a lazy, lazy explanation. There’s still a lot to explain about them. Like for example, why the hell Desmond had to push those buttons in the hatch? Why Hurley was told the numbers? And what about that Valenzetti equation that predicts the end of the world? See, still a lot to explain…

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Who else thinks the new season of Lost is ‘kin amazing? So many questions have been answered, and the puzzle would be making a lot of sense if there weren’t so many new questions. At the same time the writers gives you an explanation to one thing, they immediately create a new intriguing mystery, which makes Lost the best TV show ever made in American history! (more…)