Holidays Balance

Since my father moved to João Pessoa 4 years ago, this was my best holidays there! Not because one or another thing happened, but because of the mix of different things and experiences such as (not in a particular order):

  • I had tennis classes almost every single day;
  • I went to 4 new restaurants;
  • Visited 3 idyllic beaches;
  • Met a few celebrities;
  • Flerted with a girl, made out with another one and fucked other two;
  • I drove three imported cars;
  • Made a bus trip from Recife to João Pessoa, which made me think I was in an American film set in Mexico or any other Latin country, because of all the cliches I thought only existed in American Films! LOL;
  • Went to see ‘Marley & Me’ in the movies and cried like a sissy at the end;
  • Gained around 5 pounds;
  • Established a great relationship with my little brothers;
  • Can’t wait any longer for my next holidays! I hope it can be at least as good as this one. Pitty it’s over!

    Now I have to face reality and it sucks!

    Me, Myself, without Irene!

    No real reason for me being absent for all this time. A lot has happened in this meantime. My brother came with his girlfriend to spend 10 days here, we went out almost everyday and we even went for a short road trip towards the mountains region of Rio. We had a nice time, I only wish we could do this more often, but you know, it’s kind of difficult when you live more than 2.000 km away from each other.

    Not so long after he went back to his hometown, Recife (northeast of the country), I went there! In fact, I was going to my father’s house, which is in a city called João Pessoa, 120km away from Recife. So, I took a plane to Recife spent the morning there and went to my father’s house with my brother by car. The real reason for this short trip to a distant place was a surprise. A surprise for my father, who was going to be honored at the City Hall. He received a very important title for improving the industry of tourism in João Pessoa (yes, my father works with tourism!). Anyway, the surprise actually worked! You should have seen his face when we arrived there. He had no idea we would be there! Really, really nice! Anyway, the ceremony was good, simple and fast. I was a bit worried, thinking it would take lots of time and lots of politicians would speak for ceaseless hours. But thankfully, I was wrong. After the ceremony, we went to the hotel where my father works for a very nice cocktail that lasted a few hours. I spent 3 more days there, enjoyed my little brothers, went for a swim in that huge swimming pool, and some other stuff. It was a nice time to relax, I needed that.

    Came back to Rio two weeks ago, and since then I’ve been working. A guess that’s what normal human beings do, right? They work! Anyway, nothing much has been happening in my life. Well, actually there’s this new girl at work, she’s not Monica Bellucci, but she’s interesting, cute, the type of girl I like, you know? And I’m tottally terrified of talking to her, of presenting myself. Jeez, what happens to me? I’m a lost case!

    Tonight Gamma Ray and Helloween will rock Rio! Am I excited about this? Not really! I’ve been going to Helloween gigs since 96 and although they’re my second or third (really don’t know) favourite band, their gig is not new to me, so I know what to expect: I’ll go there, watch the gig, enjoy the music and I’ll leave the venue very satisfied. And that’s it! Now the Gamma Ray gig is kind of interesting. It’s their second time in the city. I went to their first gig (2004?) and they rocked! Watching Kai Hansen on stage was totally worthy it! I haven’t followed Ray’s career since ‘Somewhere Out in Space’, but I know their material is good and they will play 2 or 3 songs from ‘Land of the Free’, so no doubt it will be awesome! And what is THE most important thing: Gamma Ray + Helloween, (one band that originated from the other) are playing together for the first time after years of fights and accusations in the press. Seems things are ok with them now, let’s hope it stays like this for a long while. One thing that is bothering me is the fact I’m going to the gig alone! alone again! Or should I say alone as always? A few people said they would go with me, but at the last moment they gave up with different excuses. I really don’t give a damn if the excuses are true or not. They’re not going and that is it! I’ll do what I do best: enjoy a nice meal, enjoy a nice concert, enjoy a nice drive by the coast back home, all by myself! Me, Myself, without Irene!