Cheesecake in the oven

It took me about only 20 minutes and lots of practice to put the home made cheesecake in the oven, courtesy of Jamie Oliver btw. The recipe is quite easy, quite fast to make, but rather expensive. I mean, you have lots of cheese in it and that’s what makes it not cheap at all. But it’s totally worth it! I won’t post the recipe here, just google it and I’m sure you will find it. I’m pretty sure I once post the recipe in here ages ago (or was that in the old b2evolution blog?).

Remember around 8 months ago when I was asked to be my cousin’s Best Man? Guess what? After wasting spending a lot of money in a wedding party and 6 months of (happy?) marriage, her husband left home and apparently they’ve broken up for good. The thing is I’m not supposed to know about it (at least not yet), but somehow I just know. Anyway, what’s up with marriage? It’s soooo overrated! I’ve never wanted to get married, well, not in the traditional marriage way that is. I’m still this incredibly romantic guy who has been looking for the love of his life since ever, but still totally aware that traditional marriage and modern life weren’t meant to work out.