Flight 666: The Film

Flight 666 It was the first time I hade goose bumps in a cinema! It’s impressive how exactly the feeling is the same  we have when we see a Maiden live gig. So much energy! Much of that could be due to Kevin Shirley’s 5.1 mix, which is breathtaking. It’s a unique experience, I tell you that.

It was an absolutely unforgettable and magical experience! Funny, emotional at times and very very interesting. Its great to see such a down to earth film about a band that so many people are proud to be fans of. I can easily say: I AM PROUD OF BEING AN IRON MAIDEN FAN.

As Jeff Miers wrote to the Buffalo News: “It’s a metal equivalent of Beatlemania, the unlikely stars of the show a quintet of humble, down-to-earth family men/musicians in their 50s who still seem uncomfortable with celebrity.
Yes, it’s mostly about the music. Maiden’s epic blend of richly layered guitar harmonies, supple rhythm-section propulsion, grandiose vocals and prog-rock virtuosity remains metal’s most adventurous sound some 30 years into the band’s career.”

Well, couldn’t have written any better.

Up the irons!