The Devil You Know

heaven-hell-the-devil-you-know-2009The Devil You Know is the name of the new Heaven and Hell, aka Black Sabbath without Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, and it has just leaked. I’m listening to it right now as I type here.

Ronnie James Dio is a hell of a singer (gazillion times better than Ozzy) and does a great job on the album, as always. The intro song called Atom and Evil has a heavy drum beat and fits perfectly as the album opener. The songs are heavy, slow and full of nice guitar riffs, which makes it a typical Sabbath album! The following songs follow the same pattern until track 7, Eating the Cannibals, when the tempo increases a wee bit and makes you shake your head. Nice sound! Track 4, Double the Pain, has a catchy chorus but I have the feeling I have already listened to that somewhere (Heart of the Unicorn by Gamma Ray to be more exact. But who cares?). The whole album is on my iTunes library and I haven’t deleted any single track yet. This coming from me, it’s a proof that the album is quite good.

To sum up it’s a solid album with great songs, great production and great singing on it. Totally worth buying it as soon as it’s available at shops. And on May 17th I’ll be at Citibank Hall watching these old guys rocking Rio live. Yeah!