Do you know what I hate?

I hate when people fool me. I hate when people say they will do this and that and they make me wait for it and in the last minute they don’t do a damn thing. Maybe I’m too stupid to believe in them and expect too much? But what about our ‘word’? Doesn’t it count? When I say I’m going to do something, I do it. What’s up with people? Don’t they know they can hurt people’s feelings by not keeping their word?

My sister is one of those people. She has a master degree in this subject and that’s why it’s been almost 7 months I last talked to her. I simply got tired. Tired of her meaningless promisses. Tired of getting hurt. So I’ve decided to avoid getting hurt by not talking to her anymore and therefore not having to listen to all of her crap.

The nex part of this post will be in French (sorry for the grammar mistakes) for privacy reasons. 

Quand nous percevons que la femme qui nous aime est une de ces personnes, le monde éboule. Nous restons sans réaction et la proche étape est incertaine. Mais comme j’ai déjà dit avant, homme passionné est imbécile alors nous restons attendre par une définition, qui jamais n’arrive pas, et nous blessons encore plus.