Where will this world lead us?

I don’t know. Either things are indeed all messed up or I’m too old fashioned to live in today’s world.

I have this friend who likes a certain girl. This girl has a boyfriend, but this fact doesn’t stop her from going out with my friend and sleeping with him whenever she wants. My friend was ok with the situation, even though he would like her to split up with the guy and stay with him. She keeps saying how great and how better than her boyfriend he is. But somehow this isn’t enough for her. So, some weeks ago my friend decided to stop this shit and he stopped talking to her.

Yesterday there was a metal festival at a club where some bands played. This girl is a bass player and her band would be the first one to play, then my friend’s band would play right after. So, of course, they had to be face to face again. But her boyfriend was there and my friend didn’t give a shit and ignored both. A little bit later in the same day, there was a completely crazy groupie hitting on my friend, and well, he enjoyed it and started to take advantage of the situation. The girl saw it, and somehow she went backstage without her boyfriend seeing and made a pathetic scene. Guess what? She was jealous! My friend just said something similar to this: “well, you and I haven’t got anything. You made your choice a while ago, and you chose him. Now I’m just having some fun.” And they talked and talked for a while. When she went out, I asked him: “so, what was that?” he replied: “She will give her boyfriend some silly excuse and she will leave, then I’m going after her and we will spend the night together.”

I honestly don’t know which of them is the craziest person. The girl, who is a [email protected]#$%^ or him, who thinks she uses her when actually she is the one using him… Why are men so stupid?

Another scene of the night: another friend of mine who is married and has 2 little cute girls and is well known in the underground rock scene in Rio, arrived at the club with another woman. Well, the guy has a mistress, so what? Well, it’s not ok/nice to have a mistress, is it? And what is worse is that he was not even a little discrete! Everybody was watching them! Total lack of respect! Where will this world lead us?