First week of college

I’ve survived the first week of college without any apparent collateral damage. The campus itself seems to be great, the people around me seem to be normal and the professors seem experienced and very nice people. So, in general, I’m pretty satisfied. Now, it’s on me!

It’s ages since I’d been in college and that’s why I thought I’d have problems to get on with people and fitting in. Well, getting on with people is still my weakest point. Being a shy and suspicious guy, I take a little while to start talking to people and becoming acquaintance with them. Specially with girls. And speaking of girls, there seem to be a huge number of them in my course! In one of the classes I even counted how many men were in there. I could count them in just one hand! And, well, two of them were obviously gay and the other one was suspicious. If I had to bet, I’d say gay too! So, around 30 women, 3 gay men and 2 men (including myself), I’d say only 10-15% of the women are dateable (does this word exist?). And even being surrounded by so many women, I bet with you that I’ll finish the term without making out with any of them. Wanna bet 50 bucks?

Anyway, the first week of college was ok. Can it get better? Sure can! Let’s hope that it gets better as early as the second week. I’ll keep you guys updated!