Surprises (continued)

It all started with my mobile again. It rang earlier today at lunch time. The caller id identified it as my cousin’s number, than I spoke to myself: “Wtf?”

She and I used to be pretty close. We often used to frequent each other houses, we used to go to the beach almost every weekend (mainly forced by our parents, who were very keen on going to the beach), and as we got to our teen years we started to go out together at night, to travel and stuff like that. Then as we got old, we kind of parted ways. Each one followed their own path and we’ve become very distant. Things got even worse when my uncle divorced from her mother, and as the years passed, some attitudes of hers were very, to say the least, wrong. To sum up, I can say that we don’t have any bonds anymore, even though her father (my uncle) is still very close to me.

So, going back to line 2 of this post, you can now understand my reaction when I looked at my caller id. Anyway, I answered it and the conversation didn’t last 3 minutes. We talked like we were still intimates. She went straight to point and said: “I’m going to get married, and I was wondering if you’d like to be my best man.” And after a 3 seconds deadly silence on the phone I accepted it without hesitation.

I still don’t know what this invitation really means. Haven’t had the time to think about it more carefully. Don’t know if she really wants me to be her best man, don’t know if she was kind of forced to choose me because of family reasons, don’t know if I was chosen because one, two or maybe three other guys refused the invitation before me. Really! I honestly don’t know. I’m very suspicious of the things that happen around me. I wish I wasn’t like this, but I am. My ‘Yes’ hasn’t made me feel happier or sadder (at least not yet), and I have no idea if made her happier. It has made me worried, though. Worried about how much I’ll have to spend on a nice suit!


You must be ready for surprises. No matter how boring your life may be there’s always a surprise to shake things up a little bit, even if it’s for a day or an evening.

On Sunday my phone rang. It was my brother, and guess what? He was in Rio! Actually he had been here for a few days but was busy doing stuff of his and couldn’t have called earlier. Anyway, we arranged to meet yesterday. Despite all my efforts (apparently in vain) to save money, I couldn’t have said no. My family is a mess, we’re spread through 3 different cities and even the ones in the same city are somehow still distant from each other, not exactly in distance, if you know what I mean… So, whenever you have a chance to enjoy some time, you can’t say no! And that’s what I did. We had a nice dinner last night in a nice bistro, then we went to the cinema where we saw a nice french film with the lovely Audrey Tautou. Money well spent, I must say.

Today I’m back to my boring routine, and you?

Really Fucked

I like being a free-lancer. Working the hours I want, how much I want, having the freedom of choosing who I want to work for. There are some periods of the year that I’m really busy and I don’t know how to handle everything, but I somehow manage to do everything quite well. (and my bank account thanks me!)

Something that pisses me of is not being recognized by my family some people. They don’t understand, they think I’m a bum and all I want is to stay home in front of the TV or the computer. Their idea of a good job/profession is being stuck in an office 8 hours a day. It doesn’t even matter if as a freelancer I sometimes make more money than if I had an office job.

You know what is the saddest thing about this? It’s the fact that this time of the year is the only time that makes me think everybody is right and I’m wrong. December is the hardest month of the year (for freelancers)! All the people you work for decides to take a break, and suddenly you’re fucked! That’s my case right now! I’m really fucked! I currently have a six hundred quid loss in my income and a five hundred quid credit card bill to pay. Not really sure what I’m going to do now. Well, I kind of know! I’m not going to spend anything in my credit cards this month to avoid having the same problem next month (considering the fact that January is also a bad month).

But then if I think like this, I’ll find out that February is even worse because of bloody carnival! And living in fucking Rio at this time of the year it’s the worst thing in the world! Well, I’ll bash carnival in another post. That’s all for now!