Second Term

I guess I forgot to write something about the end of the last term at University. I remember writing about the results of my first round of exams, but never wrote anything about the second and last round. Shame on me, I know.

Anyway, the results of the second round were ok. My performance dropped a little bit if you compare to the grades I had on the first round. This is probably due to my very own lack of study. I felt really comfortable with my first results that I kind of underestimated the rest of the term. Subjects accumulated, time to study was tightened due to lots of work and therefore my final grades were not as good as I expected them to be.

Am I disappointed? Not really! That was a lesson learned.

Now, week 2 of the second term will start. So far, so good. The subjects I’m currently studying are:

English II (verbs and narratives)

Literary and Historical Fundaments of Anglo-American Culture & Civilization (that’s the one that seems to be the most interesting in my opinion)

Fundaments of Portuguese Literature

Pedagogical Practice I

Portuguese II (Portuguese Syntax)

I’ll keep you guys informed about how things will develop for me during this term. Hopefully, everything will be fine.