Earth hour

A couple of weeks ago we had this huge world movement called Earth Hour. I’ll give you my two cents about it: It’s all bollocks! Turning off your lights for one hour? What one hour in a whole year means? It’s Nothing!

No, I am NOT saying that global warming or the green house effect are bollocks. It’s a fucking huge problem, and I’ve already noticed the effects here where I live, and I can see much more all over the news. It’s there! Just open your eyes and you’ll also see.

The Earth hour thing is indeed bolocks, though. I mean, I think it’s just another way that world leaders, politicians and celebrities have found to appear on the media and let everybody know how cool and concerned they are in order to boost their popularity.

We saw Cate Blanchett doing the TV advert for the 2009 Earth hour. Tell me, who guarantee that after filming the ad she didn’t do the following: she simply got into her not environment friendly car, drove back to her huge home and turned on her central air conditioning?

The thing is, if you’re really concerned about the environmental issues, there are very simple things that you can do, and you don’t have to make a fuss about it. Have you ever thought about not using plastic bags when you go food shopping? What about using only recycled paper to print your documents? Did you know that if you have the right pressure in you car tires, you won’t be forcing your engine and therefore you’ll be saving a lot of energy? Another simple thing is to only open your fridge when you’re sure of what you really want to get from it. Instead of driving your car to go to the butcher’s or the bakery just around the corner, have you though about taking a walk? It’s good for both the environment and your body! What else? Well, you could plant a tree! And of course there’s one very good thing you could do: stop driving that huge powerful car you have! Buy a small car! One that runs with alcohol and bio-fuel! See, it’s not that hard, is it? Just use your imagination and you’ll find many more things you could do to help saving the planet.

Those things are much bigger than turning you lights off for one hour in a whole year!