São Paulo – Day four

Monday, March 3rd 2008 (the last day)

Once again I slept very little, for a little bit more than 4 hours. I did pretty much nothing during the morning, just stayed on the sofa watching TV and eating corn flakes. At around 11:00 a.m. my friends from Rio called and invited me for a walk at the Ibirapuera park. After that we went to the Ibirapuera Shopping Centre, which is one of the fanciest malls in SP. There we ate at Burger King, and then I said good-bye to my friends because they had to catch the plane back to Rio in the middle of the afternoon. As for me, I decided to walk around the mall and head towards the nearest Doceria Holandesa, where they sell one of the best sweets in SP.

After that I decided to go to the cinema and why not a cinema in Paulista Avenue? Gotta love this avenue, man! Everything happens there! Unfortunately the hours of the films I wanted to see were quite bad! In the meantime my friend Renato Tribuzy had already called me asking what time I would catch the bus back to Rio, because he would like to go back with me. So we decided to leave SP in the same hour we left Rio 4 days ago. Anyway, since I was in Paulista Ave. why not stop by Starbucks once more? And that was when I tried their chocolate Frappuccino! Bloody hell!!! That was delicious! We definitely need a Starbucks in Rio, definitely!!

After that caught the bus back to the flat and I was stuck in a mega traffic jam. But that’s São Paulo, man! You gotta love the Caos! hehe Back at the flat I had to clean everything, wash all the dishes, and stuff like that, because I had to deliver the flat the same way I received it, right? I’m a responsible guy!

Arrived at the bus station at almost midnight, met Renato and we bought the 12:40 a.m. tickets. This time I only remember the bus leaving the station and nothing more! By the time I woke up we were already at Rio’s bus station! I got back home, dropped my bags and went straight to work. And that’s the end of my São Paulo saga.