Ronnie James Dio

Yesterday afternoon I went to my cousin’s house to jam with him. He had invited his other cousin who plays the guitar. So, there we were: one bass player, one keyboard player, one guitarist and one stereo. We needed the stereo, so that we could hear the singer’s voice since none of us can sing (properly, I mean). We jammed three songs: Man on the Silver Mountain, Rock ‘n’ Roll Children and Rainbow in the Dark, and the voice we heard in the stereo was, of course, Dio’s. It was like Dio was there, rocking with us in that small cold room.

Well, since this morning (7:45 am) Dio, one of the greatest rock singers of all time, is no longer with us. He lost his battle to cancer. My eyes are teary while I write this small paragraph and I do not feel very well to be hones with you. I’m very, very sad. What gives me strength is knowing that his music will last forever and whenever I jam Dio’s song, I’ll be thinking of him and I’m sure his spirit will be present.

As Dio sang many times: Long live rock ‘n’roll.

Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010), rest in piece.