A bit of everything

I know I haven’t been around for quite a long time. There are a few reasons for that. Firstly, because I wanted the Dio post to stick on top as a humble way of showing my admiration for his music. Secondly, because I haven’t had much time. Who said working and studying at the same time was easy? Thirdly, because I’ve been quite active on facebook and twitter. And if you are wodering, no. I won’t be replacing this blog for them. And last but not least, my life is pretty boring! Nothing exciting happens, therefore I don’t have much to write about.


My second round of exams at University started last Thursday. The first exam was ok, I guess. I believe I won’t have problems to pass that discipline. The exam that worries me the most is tomorrow’s. And guess which discipline it is? Portuguese! Go figure, hehe. As for the others, I don’t believe I’ll have many problems either. What is interesting to mention here is that I haven’t study anything at all for those exams. I guess I pay really attention tho the classes. That’s the only reasonable explanation that I can think of.


We’re about to enter the third week of the World Cup and I haven’t written a single line about it before. shame on me! Well, it’s been a boring Cup. The good teams are failing (see England, France, Spain, Italy, Holland and Germany) to play good football. Well, let’s put Brazil in this list too. This Brazilian team sucks big time. And the thing is, even playing horribly, Brazil still has big chances of winning this cup. And then, that would be terrible for the good of football.

The best team I’ve seen so far is Argentina, but I don’t know… Something tells me they’ll leave in the next rounds. They have an awesome attack, but their defense is the opposite. They’re not a well balanced team. In that category, I shall say Brazil has some advantages, in spite of the poor football. I promise to post more about the world cup as the games get more exciting, ok?


I think I’m in a band again. Last week we had our first rehearsal. The second would happen today, but the drummer had problems and wouldn’t be able to come. So we put it off for next week. The singer is a friend of mine, Renata and we’ve played together before. The drummer and the guitar player are Renata’s friends. They seem to be nice people. We still need another guitar player or a keyboard player, with preference for the latter.

We’re starting with 5 covers in order to get to know each other, to let things blend in and see with have chemistry, this kind of things.


I’m quite interested in this girl. But I’m afraid she doesn’t even know I exist. Why is it like this all the time? That’s frustrating!

There’s a lot of flirtation (mostly from her side) with this other girl on msn messenger. I do believe she’s interested in me, but the opposite doesn’t happen. I’ll keep playing the game, let’s see where this leads.

Two weeks ago a friend of mine said: “I have this friend that I’ll present to you. I think you have things in common with her”. This meeting hasn’t happened yet. I don’t know when it will, but I’m looking forward to it. The forthcoming weeks should be interesting.

Ronnie James Dio

Yesterday afternoon I went to my cousin’s house to jam with him. He had invited his other cousin who plays the guitar. So, there we were: one bass player, one keyboard player, one guitarist and one stereo. We needed the stereo, so that we could hear the singer’s voice since none of us can sing (properly, I mean). We jammed three songs: Man on the Silver Mountain, Rock ‘n’ Roll Children and Rainbow in the Dark, and the voice we heard in the stereo was, of course, Dio’s. It was like Dio was there, rocking with us in that small cold room.

Well, since this morning (7:45 am) Dio, one of the greatest rock singers of all time, is no longer with us. He lost his battle to cancer. My eyes are teary while I write this small paragraph and I do not feel very well to be hones with you. I’m very, very sad. What gives me strength is knowing that his music will last forever and whenever I jam Dio’s song, I’ll be thinking of him and I’m sure his spirit will be present.

As Dio sang many times: Long live rock ‘n’roll.

Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010), rest in piece.