Kind of magical

Driving your car late at night, on a dark, calm road up and down the mountains, listening to ‘The Chemical Wedding‘ – more specifically to Chemical Wedding (the song), Jersualem and The Alchemist on repeat mode and in a loud volume – is a great/recommended experience. The way that The Alchemist ends fading back into Chemical Wedding is kind of magical, therefore indescribable. You should try it!

Btw, I had a different (and cool) day today. I definitely need more days like this!

Chemical Wedding – The Movie

Filming of the supernatural horror thriller CHEMICAL WEDDING is well underway. Based on an original screenplay by Bruce Dickinson, the film directed by Julian Doyle, veteran second unit director and editor of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, Time Bandits and Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. Julian wrote and directed Maiden’s partially animated promotional video ‘Can I Play With Madness’.

Chemical Wedding stars Simon Callow as a reincarnation of Aleister Crowley, dubbed ‘the most evil man in Britain.’

Crowley was a major Edwardian figure and a scandalous character. A Cambridge graduate, he became an infamous mystic and occult scholar and although he died in 1947, his books are still in print and he remains a major focus for the occult world. In the film, Crowley’s spirit is re-animated by a superconductor mainframe, transforming the shy and stuttering Professor Haddo (Callow) into the charismatic but sexually depraved Crowley who wreaks havoc with the students and faculty of today’s Cambridge campus. The cast will be rounded out with cameos from Dickinson and other Python regulars.

The film should be released sometime in 2008 with Bruce supervising the soundtrack.