I’ve been bad lately. Not only depressed, but feeling tired, feeling sick, feeling old, feeling only God knows what… I’ve bought one of those multi-vitamins & mineral pills to make me feel less tired and willing to do stuff, but to be honest it’s not working. So, I really think it’s something mental, you know what I mean? Not in a mood to do anything, really.

The cave is cozy. It’s warm, there’s lots of food, music, tv, lots of downloaded films and series (btw, have you watched the last episode of Lost aired last thursday? OMFG!). What else could I ask for?

In my cave

I’m still too far from being ok. It was a holiday yesterday, and it will be another holiday tomorrow, so no work today because everybody in this country, specially in this bloody city, won’t work between 2 holidays! I’ve been at home since last Friday doing nothing but thinking how shitty my life is, how uninteresting I am, and how come I have nothing to do besides being home in front of my laptop. I’ve never imagined I would miss work! Well, at least when I’m working I’m surrounded by (sometimes nice) people and not thinking about things.

When I’m depressed I like to cook. And that’s what I did today. Spent lots of money on good quality ingredients. Since you’re willing to cook a nice meal, enjoy eating it and therefore putting on some weight, there’s no reason to do it without quality products and the most important thing: passion!

I haven’t been on msn messenger for more or less a week, so I haven’t been talking with anybody. I’m stuck in my pseudo cave saving me from the outside world. There’s one thing I still haven’t figured out how to do: save me from myself! Am I my worst enemy? I guess so…