Current TV addicitions

Californication: No, I’m not talking about the RHCP’s song, but the new show starring David Duchovny (the eternal Fox Mulder). It’s about a writer who tries to juggle his career, his relationship with his daughter and his ex-girlfriend (who he still deeply loves), as well as his appetite for beautiful women. This show is what everyone is thinking and wondering in their minds. The writers make you feel empathetic towards a depressed, self loathing, crass and obnoxious man who is going through a mid life crisis. Unfortunately this show is not for everyone as its hard to be open minded about hidden prejudices that we all have and he natural animal instinct of mankind. The show has one of the best/strong/dirty dialogues I’ve seen on American TV, and there’s a hot naked chick in almost every episode, which is a great bonus! 😉

30 Rock: The most intelligent sitcom since Seinfeld! As simple as that!

Heroes: Second season started soooooo slow, but now, OMG!!!

Prison Break: I’ve just discovered this show. I’ve downloaded the entire first 2 seasons and all the episodes from the current 3rd season. I watched them all in 3 days. Shall I say more?

Lost: Can’t wait any longer for January 31st. You know, something wicked will happen in the first episode of the new season, oh yeah!

ER: A classic!

24: This one is losing its strength, every season tends to repeat the previous one and I enjoy it a little bit less as the years pass. But from what I’ve read so far about the new season, it can still be good. Haven’t lost my hopes on this one yet.