Shame on me

Exactly, shame on me! It’s January, 19th and it’s been more than 2 months since my last post! And I haven’t even finished my Manaus diary! You know what, I won’t finish it! I don’t think I did more exciting things than the ones I mentioned below. One thing worth mention is the fact that when I came back to Rio, I had a flight connection in Brasília. I had 2 hours to wait at the airport or take a taxi and do a city tour. And that’s what I did! My impressions? WOW! It’s so nice, so modern, so different! But I couldn’t understand how people live there. The streets are weird, there aren’t any sidewalks, no corners. All you can see are huge blocks of buildings, boulevards and highways. I wish I had time to get out of the taxi, walk around, explore, maybe stay there for a day in order to understand that place a little bit better.

During this time I was bitten by the travel bug. I went to Búzios twice. Búzios is an international paradise! It was discovered by Brigitte Bardot 50 years ago and since then it’s has grown into one of the main tourist attractions in Brazil. It’s a peninsula which has 26 beaches (and eache beach has a unique characteristic) and it’s known as the Brazilian Ibiza. It’s very, very expensive, but totally worthy it! I encourage you to google it and if you have some money, go there! You won’t regret it.

From December 21st until last Sunday I was in João Pessoa (and Recife for one day) visiting my father and the other side of my family like I do every year. This year was great! My little brothers are bigger, so they interact a lot more, which makes everything more exciting and fun. I did make news friendships as well, more specifically Jason and Zita. He’s Canadian and owns a restaurant at the beach. It’s called Palm Club and they serve international food, specialties are Thai and Indian food. I had the most amazing currys there! Zita is Hungarian and an international model and works for Chloé. They’re a funny couple. I loved chatting with them and specially beat them at Tennis! Well, to be hones with you, by the end of the month I was the one being beaten! lol

The day I spent in Recife was to know the restaurant where my sister works. It belongs to her boyfriend and they’re both chefs. The restaurant is called Varekai Bistrô. It has a singular design/decoration, which makes you extremely comfortable to be inside it. And the most important thing (the food, obviously) is really yummy! They also serve international food and every day the menu changes. In fact, they don’t change! It’s made according to the client’s taste. As you enter the restaurant, the chef talks to you, find out your likes and dislikes and that’s it. In a few minutes you start receiving food at your table. And dish after dish, you’re even more surprised on how good they are! I spent the whole day there, followed all the work since early in the morning until after the last client left and I can easily say that the every day routine is craaaazy! Have you ever wondered what chefs do or talk about when they close the restaurant after the last client has left? They sit down for a while, complain about how tired they are, how strange the guy/girl from table “x” was weird, do the maths to see how much money they made and then they make fun (saying how stupid they are) at tables that spend 400 bucks in one night!