Bruce Dickinson’s ‘Skunkworks’: Underrated?

Fernando Souza discusses the qualities that constitute a ‘good album’, and why Bruce Dickinson’s ‘Skunkworks’ is one of the most underrated albums of all time.

How do we define a good album? The Oxford Dictionary of English defines ‘good’ as an adjective to describe something pleasant, enjoyable or satisfying. The definition of ‘album’ is a single collection of recordings on CD, record or cassette.


The Man Who Will Not Die

I never liked Blaze Bayley when he was in Iron Maiden, but I always respected him as a person and as a singer, that’s nothing but the truth. Replace Bruce Dickinson isn’t the easiest thing, you have to agree with me on that and Blaze was brave enough to do it and I’m sure he did his best by not escaping from his own characteristics and trying to put his own style into the songs.

Iron Maiden back in Brazil in March.

As I expected:

Following the huge international success of their spectacular ‘Somewhere Back in Time World Tour 08’ Iron Maiden will be taking to the skies once again in 2009 for a fourth and final leg starting in Dubai on February 13th.

Loaded up with a full complement of band, crew and twelve tons of stage set and equipment, the band’s customised Boeing 757, christened Ed Force One by the fans and flown again by Astraeus Airlines Captain and Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, will once again be circumnavigating 80,000km around the planet for concerts in 19 cities in eleven countries, making it a staggering 37 countries in total visited on this tour, playing to almost two million fans. (more…)

Fansite of the English singer Bruce Dickinson, who is the lead singer in Iron Maiden, an English Heavy Metal band, and also an avid fencer, a radio DJ at BBC6, a screen writer, novelist, and last but not least, a commercial airline pilot.


Last night I lost the opportunity to attend Whitesnake’s gig because of a mobile battery that went down. A friend of mine from São Paulo who is in Rio had free tickets but couldn’t phone me because my number was on her dead phone. This same friend also has free tickets for today’s gig, but not for Whitesnake, today Queensryche will be rocking Rio. All I know about them is that they’re a pretty solid band from the USA and they’ve been rocking since the 80s and they have Geoff Tate as their singer. Geoff is one of the best Rock singers in history, so watching him sing makes the night very worthy. I’ve listened to their material before, it’s good, but I can’t say I’m a fan.

This morning I was thinking about all the gigs I’ve attended in almost thirty years of life. They weren’t many, I’m afraid. I wish I could have watched more gigs, you know? sometimes I missed gigs because I didn’t have money, or because I wasn’t in town, or because I didn’t have anyone to go with me, or simply because I was too lazy to go. I’ll now try to list all the gigs I went to:

Iron Maiden (1996, 1998, 2001 & 2008), Helloween (1998, 2001, 2004, 2006 & 2008), Bruce Dickinson (1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998), Gamma Ray (2003 & 2008), Dream Theater (1997), Blaze (2002), Paul Di’anno (2005), Eric Clapton (2001), Rolling Stones (2006), Tribuzy (2005, 2006 & 2007), REM (2001), Red Hot Chilli Peppers (2001), Guns ‘n’ Roses (2001), Skid Row (1996), Motorhead (1996), Dio (1997), Scorpions (1997), Halford (2001), Foo Fighters (2001), Silverchair (2001), Dave Mathews Band (2001),  Masterplan (2003), Sepultura (2001), Dr. Sin (2006), Jeff Scott Soto (2005) and Queensryche (2008).

As you may see, not an impressive list. I wonder if this list can be improved in the future with some huge names on it. This year I’ve already missed Whitesnake, Ozzy and Deep Purple. Let’s hope I won’t miss any good gigs anymore.

Scream For Me São Paulo!!!


São Paulo, here I come!

Oh yeah, I will have sooooo much fun!!!

45,000 tickets sold out on the first day and I managed to guarantee mine. How great is that, huh?

Somewhere Back in Time World Tour

The first leg of the new Iron Maiden tour was finally officially announced, here are a few bits:

This first leg of Iron Maiden’s ‘SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME’ World Tour will open in Mumbai India on Feb 1st, and continue through Australia, Japan, Los Angeles and Mexico, followed by the band’s first ever concerts in Costa Rica and Columbia, and then on to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rica and New York, before finishing in Toronto, Canada, on March 16th. Over the 45 day period it is anticipated that Maiden will play to well over 400,000 fans in 21 cities in 10 countries, flying close to 50,000 miles in the specially refitted plane (full schedule below).

Comments Bruce Dickinson, “I have been flying commercial passenger jets for Astraeus Airlines for a few years now and we are commissioning an Astraeus Boeing 757. It will go in for overhaul, painting and conversion in November which will then give us time to ensure we have all the necessary safety documentation, especially with regard to fire safety. It also means it could possibly be flying commercial air routes decked out in Maiden colours for a couple of months before we start!

“Looking at the list of places we would like to play we have always had problems joining up the dots. With sea containers in various places it slows down the whole touring process, which is fine if you want a holiday but not if you want to play. It’s great to see places but we don’t want to sit around for a week waiting for gear to get from, say, Australia to South America, so this way we can get to more fans in more places en route in the same time period”… (if you want the full article click here )

Here’s the real deal:

Sun 2nd – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Skol Arena Anhembi
Wed 5th – Porto Allegre, Brazil – Gigantinho
Fri 7th – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Ferrofcarril Oeste Stadium
Sun 9th – Santiago, Chile – Pista Atletica
Wed 12th – Puerto Rico – San Juan Coliseo
Fri 14th – New Jersey, USA – Izod Centre
Sun 16th – Toronto, Canada – Air Canada Centre

HOW COME ISN’T THERE A RIO DATE??? I’ve heard rumours that a date wasn’t confirmed because they haven’t found a proper venue to fit all the gear they’ll bring, but they will definitely make a stop here. I really don’t know… The fact is I need an excuse to go to São Paulo, so it will be more than perfect. Who knows, maybe I can even go to Porto Alegre too, since I’ve never been to the south of the country. There are currently lots of plans in my head right now, and  one of them is a 10-15 days road trip with a certain girl. Ok, I really need to stop dreaming now! hehe