Brothers & Sisters

Have just watched the pilot episode of NBC’s drama show Brothers & Sisters. Totally recommended if you are into drama as I am. The show is about a sprawling Southern California family filled with secrets and lies. If that sounds soapy, well, yes, there are elements of high drama at hand here, but the true direction of the series is that it attempts to dissect a mature family, not a group of teens or twentysomethings just stepping into the world. The show has also an all-star cast featuring Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths and Calista Flockhart (the eternal Ally McBeal – am I the only human being that used to like Ally McBeal?), and others.

Now I’ll look for the DVDs as quick as possible, so I can be up to date with all the episodes from the first two seasons before season three starts. One more addicting tv show to be added to my list, oh boy! (more…)