You must be ready for surprises. No matter how boring your life may be there’s always a surprise to shake things up a little bit, even if it’s for a day or an evening.

On Sunday my phone rang. It was my brother, and guess what? He was in Rio! Actually he had been here for a few days but was busy doing stuff of his and couldn’t have called earlier. Anyway, we arranged to meet yesterday. Despite all my efforts (apparently in vain) to save money, I couldn’t have said no. My family is a mess, we’re spread through 3 different cities and even the ones in the same city are somehow still distant from each other, not exactly in distance, if you know what I mean… So, whenever you have a chance to enjoy some time, you can’t say no! And that’s what I did. We had a nice dinner last night in a nice bistro, then we went to the cinema where we saw a nice french film with the lovely Audrey Tautou. Money well spent, I must say.

Today I’m back to my boring routine, and you?