80s or 90s (continued)

So, I guess I wasn’t fair to the 90s on my last post. I said it didn’t offer us much… Well, I guess I was wrong. It did present Beverly Hills 90210 to the world. And throw the first stone who has never seen an episode! Come, on! Throw it! Now someone (warner?) made a remake of it. And they simply call it ‘90210’ (very smart isn’t it?). I’ve seen all the episodes so far and let me tell you… I think they got the mojo of the original show, specially putting some of the original cast members of the old show. Who didn’t smile when Brenda and Kelly were walking down the school’s corridor on the last episode? And no, I didn’t mean smile in a pervert way, although they still look very attractive!

Now, getting back to the 80s… On the last post I did mention Knight Rider, didn’t I? It was so fucking cool for the time! I mean, the car could do anything and even talk! James Bond’s car didn’t do that at the time. So, it was new, it was fascinating. Well, some smart ass decided to do a remake of it! And they call it ‘Knight Rider’ (yeah I know, another very smart title). I watched the season premiere last night. Oh man, that was a piece of shit! It almost ruined all the good memories I still have from the original show. It didn’t ruin everything because I simply stopped watching it after 15 minutes, the smartest thing I did this week! I had never imagined that I would ever say this, but I missed David Hasselhoff!