I’m still alive, but look like a zombie!

The last 13 days I had been working at the International Book Fair. During this period I worked double shifts: at my regular job in the mornings and at the fair in the afternoons/evenings. I worked a 8 hours shift at the fair, but this was not the worst fact, if you compare to the fact that the fair happened at the other site of town, which took 1 hour (by car) to arrive. So, just to get there and get back home I had to lose 2 hours of my precious boring days. 2 very necessary hours that I could use to recharge my batteries in order to be ready for the next day. Anyway, it’s over and the money is already in my savings account.

Despite the hard work, I already miss it! Miss the friends I made, the jokes, the cool atmosphere. I just hope I don’t lose contact with the guys.

Now I would like to sleep, sleep for two fucking straight days. And I fucking can’t!