Some questions I want Lost to answer


I’m very excited about the return of Lost. I can’t wait to find out the mysteries of the famous island. However, since this will be the last season I know that they will probably not answer some of those mysteries. Here are the questions I want and feel that the writers must answer: (more…)

Dead is Dead

Dead is Dead

Last Wednesday’s episode of Lost Dead is Dead, tried to show us that Benjamin Linus is indeed the good guy and Charles Widmore is the bad guy. But you know, we’re talking about Lost here, so EVERYTHING is possible!

Even as being the good guy, Ben still acts very strangely. One big exemple of that is when he tells Locke that he knew he would live again once he was back in the island and that’s why he killed him. And then, when he’s talking to Sun, he just tells her the opposite! That he doesn’t know how Lock can be alive and that this fact scares the hell out of him!

Anyway, after watching this episode we understand all the rivality between Ben and Widmore. And as for Locke, well, I do think he’s acting very strange! And despite the fact he told Sun that he’s the same man from when they first crashed on the island, I’m not very sure about that.

Oh, and if you’ve been curious to know what happened to Ben just before he phoned Jack and asked him to pick Locke’s coffin, this episode will tell you what really happened and I’ll give you a tip: Desmond and Penny! I really like the brotha, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing him again in the future! (or should I say the past?)