Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

Yesterday morning I checked my mailbox and I saw a special Sedex (brazilian kind of Fedex) package. At that time I thought: “Hmm… has my credit card expired yet?” and then “Oh, the bank is sending me a new checkbook…”. But for my surprise it was neither of them. It was an American Express Gold Card. And my reaction was: “What the fuck is that? Do they think I’m rich?” Alongside the card there was a contract, a folder explaining all the advantages that the owner of an American Express card has and a telephone number which I have to call to unblock my card as soon as I’ve realized how good it is. So I read the folder, I checked the internet, did all possible researches that I could do. And you know what? I want it! The reason why I want it is simple: The Membership Rewards in which your points never expire. I’m tired of my Visa and Mastercard milage program, in which my points expire every two years. I’m not a big spender and I never manage to exchange my points for interesting things before they expire. And now I will, what I only have to do is concentrate all my expenses in the new card from now on.

As for the title of this post, I was trying to find the english way of saying the brazilain expression “Presente de Grego” (Greek Present) which means a present you really don’t want. And thanks to google, the expression in English is Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. I’m sure if I’m responsible enough and don’t go on a crazy spending spree, this won’t definitely be a greek bearing gift.