Amazon’s Wish List

Have you ever used Amazon’s Wish List to gift someone or be gifted? Well, I haven’t. Nor I know someone who has. I don’t know how common it is abroad, but here in Brazil I’m not sure how popular it is. Probably not popular at all.

I’ve just created my wish list just for the sake of it. Why not? I was really having fun while I was building it. Anyway, I need books in order to succeed in college and to be a good professional in my field of work. So, if you want to help me with that, I’ll really appreciate it. If not, I won’t be mad at you. Don’t even worry! hehe

The wish list is here:

It’s isn’t that big, is it? Most of the books in it will be bought really soon and many more books will be added to it in the forthcoming months. A nice personal library is on its way!