Scottish Accent

I’ve always been keen on British accent, I think it’s cool and sexy at the same time. But since the day I saw Trainspotting for the first time I’ve found the Scottish accent even cooler and I’ve always wanted to speak like a Scott and sound like Ewan McGregor or Robert Carlyle. Sounds a bit crazy, I know, but so what? It’s not supposed to make any sense.

Anyway, I was browsing youtube and I found this guy called RayTheFox, who has a series containing 7 lessons on “How to learn the Scottish Accent”. The lessons are very small (less than 2 minutes), funny and worthy! You can check the first lesson here on this post. As for the other ones, you’ll be able to watch them by looking at RayTheFox’s profile on youtube.


Fuck! Gmail ate all my spam!

Totally by chance I saw that a friend had posted a comment here on the blog 3 days ago. I immediately noticed that I hadn’t seen it before simply because I wasn’t notified by email. The thing is, my wordpress settings are set up in order to send notifications whenever someone post comments. So, why hadn’t I been notified? Well, probably I was. But since gmail thinks it’s smarter than us (human beings), it might have considered it to be spam. Acording to gmail I have 1896 spam messages, but every time I click on it in order to browse the spam folder I get a message saying that I don’t have any spam at all. Hmpf!

Too old to have fun?

Last week I got a new student at Shell Brasil. First classes are great because there isn’t much work involved. It’s just a basic conversation where you try to get to know your future student a bit better. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation he told me he’s keen on rock music. Specially heavy rock and he said his favourite bands are AC/DC, Kiss, Purple, Sabbath, you know, all the good stuff! In the middle of the list he did mention Maiden. And as you may have noticed, Maiden is kind of a magical word for me. So I said: “Maiden, huh? Great! Did you go to their gig 3 weeks ago?” Do you know what he said? He said: “Nah, I’m too old for that!”.

Hey, wait a minute, stop right there! Come on! Too old for what? Too old to have fun? Did I hear it right? Unfuckingbelievable!

You know, I’m sick and tired of these people who use age as an excuse for everything. Really am!

Cheesecake in the oven

It took me about only 20 minutes and lots of practice to put the home made cheesecake in the oven, courtesy of Jamie Oliver btw. The recipe is quite easy, quite fast to make, but rather expensive. I mean, you have lots of cheese in it and that’s what makes it not cheap at all. But it’s totally worth it! I won’t post the recipe here, just google it and I’m sure you will find it. I’m pretty sure I once post the recipe in here ages ago (or was that in the old b2evolution blog?).

Remember around 8 months ago when I was asked to be my cousin’s Best Man? Guess what? After wasting spending a lot of money in a wedding party and 6 months of (happy?) marriage, her husband left home and apparently they’ve broken up for good. The thing is I’m not supposed to know about it (at least not yet), but somehow I just know. Anyway, what’s up with marriage? It’s soooo overrated! I’ve never wanted to get married, well, not in the traditional marriage way that is. I’m still this incredibly romantic guy who has been looking for the love of his life since ever, but still totally aware that traditional marriage and modern life weren’t meant to work out.


I used to wear glasses many years ago because of astigmatism, but it somehow got corrected and I stopped wearing them. I do also have myopia, but it’s not strong enough to make me wear glasses. For the past few days I’ve been thinking going to the doctor’s office, not because I think I need glasses again, but for no bloody reason at all, I’ve been thinking a lot about buying a trendy, cool eyeglasses in order to just change my looks. How crazy is that? Sometimes I have these crazy ideas which I simply can’t explain. Crazy me!

Anyway, it’s Sunday evening and I haven’t done much for the day. Went shopping in the morning to buy some food, then came back home and didn’t feel like going to the gym. Bummer! Then went out to have lunch with my oldest uncle in a nice (just) ok restaurant, came back home and since then I have been dividing my time between watching football on TV (lousy matches!) and being in front of my macbook. As you may have noticed, I’ve been playing with the blog’s design. I really loved the ex design, but I felt it didn’t feel like a blog. So, I’ve been trying to get that back with this new design. It still looks a bit dodgy and all, and it will look like this for the next few days, until I come up with some small ideas for it. Not sure when exactly it will be ready, coz I’ve been pretty busy with work and stuff lately, but hopefully it won’t take long.

Haven’t gone anywhere

I’m still here living my same boring life, just didn’t feel like posting. I’ll try to post more often, I promise that.

I’m everyday more addicted to Lost, wondering how the hell the writers can think of something so complex.

I’m completely broke due to government taxes, interests, credit card bills, and my car which has just broke down.

I’m also extremely excited about the new Maiden gig in Rio, just 11 days from today! YAY!!!

What else? Don’t know! I’ll let that for my next post. See ya!

Holidays Balance

Since my father moved to João Pessoa 4 years ago, this was my best holidays there! Not because one or another thing happened, but because of the mix of different things and experiences such as (not in a particular order):

  • I had tennis classes almost every single day;
  • I went to 4 new restaurants;
  • Visited 3 idyllic beaches;
  • Met a few celebrities;
  • Flerted with a girl, made out with another one and fucked other two;
  • I drove three imported cars;
  • Made a bus trip from Recife to João Pessoa, which made me think I was in an American film set in Mexico or any other Latin country, because of all the cliches I thought only existed in American Films! LOL;
  • Went to see ‘Marley & Me’ in the movies and cried like a sissy at the end;
  • Gained around 5 pounds;
  • Established a great relationship with my little brothers;
  • Can’t wait any longer for my next holidays! I hope it can be at least as good as this one. Pitty it’s over!

    Now I have to face reality and it sucks!

    Crazy Weather

    Who ever wondered that in the middle of December in Rio the rain would fall for 3 straight days? (weather forecast says it will stay for 3 more days!) Not even mentioning the temperature, that is pretty much the same as winter days. And there are people who still believe that global warming and green house effect are not a big issue. Yeah, stupid people!


    Somehow my cholesterol diet didn’t work. 4 months ago (or so) I did some blood tests and the results were not good. My doctor said I should go on a fat-free diet to see if I could reduce it. 4 months later (today) I have a new appointment at the doctor’s office to show him the results of my new blood test. Well, the result is no good at all. After having cut all fried food from my diet, stopped drinking milk, reduced the amount of chocolate I eat (the most difficult task!), started to drink fresh fruit juice my cholesterol went up instead of gong down! Believe it or not. So fuck all these fucking diets! Later today I’ll ask my doctor to prescribe me some drugs. Let’s see if I’ll get better results with them.


    It’s been a week I’ve got my MacBook. To be honest with you, I’m really pleased with it. I’ve always wanted to have a Mac coz It just looked cool. But it’s much more than a trandy piece of plastic. Mac OS (Leopard in my case) is way much better and reliable than Vista Windows. I’m still not fully adapted to it, but I’m getting there. Vista was getting into my nerves, really! So I decided to withdraw some a lot of money from my saving accounts and get my so wanted MacBook. Pitty that Apple products are so fucking expenisve here in Brazil. My MacBook cost almost twice as much as if I had bought it in the U.S. :-/